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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Visit our contest page to submit! We are looking for your best one-line opening to a "hypothetical best selling novel." Spend a bit of time to show off your creativity!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WORD PLANET'S FIRST MEETING, Wolman Multipurpose Room at 7:00 P.M. Thursday, September 19th

Word Planet will be holding its first meeting in the Wolman Multipurpose Room at 7:00 P.M. Thursday, September 19th.
For those interested in attending our workshops, email us at, and we'll update you on when and where those will be held.

For those interested in becoming a permanent editor, join us at our first meeting for pizza, chips, and creative writing exercises! We'll be discussing our plans and events for the rest of the year.

For those who can't make this meeting but are still excited about Word Planet, send us an email and we'll be happy to keep you updated!
On behalf of Word Planet, thank you for your continued support! Looking forward to meeting you there. :)

-Word Planet Editors

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Email us at to receive weekly workshop updates!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Six Rules in Six Minutes (3.25.13), by Haley Huang

1) Not intentionally silly
2) At least 1 simile
3) Make a plug for the environment
4) Present tense
5) Argumentative character
6) Use the word "bucket"

"Do you see those grapes, son?" asks Papa Fox. "Mr. Aesop once wrote a very insightful tale about your grandfather after several hours of careful observation because of them."

"What about?" sighs Baby Fox, already bored by the story.

"It was a very inaccurate representation," continues Papa Fox, "about what actually occurred. Mr. Aesop presumed that your grandfather wanted to eat the grapes, but let me tell you, Son, his assumption couldn't be further from the truth. After all, why would a fox want to eat grapes? No, they were meant for Mrs. Hare, in exchange for a bucket of rolls."

"That's such a silly story," Baby Fox moans. "I'm hungry and I want to go home!"

"Listen carefully; this is important! The rolls were for the hens in the Buckingham farmyard. You must be clever like your grandfather, wise like an owl, and quick like a sparrow if you want food in your belly every night."

"Does it even matter?" Baby Fox yawns. "He didn't even get the grapes after all."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Six Rules in Six Minutes (2.26.13), by Dael Norwitz

1) No words starting with B.
2) Moment of silence
3) Catapult
4) Song Title
5) Everyone has to wear different colored shirts
6) Someone can't be named

"Hey man, can we go to the Thrift Shop?" Jared asked his friend.
"You have heard that song way too much dude," Chris replied.
"Yeah, but I need a new red shirt.  This green one is so last year.  It can't hold a candle to your yellow shirt."
"This yellow shirt is pretty cool.  Sure, I guess you do need some new style, we can go."
So, the two friends hopped in the car and drove to "He of no name's" Thrift Shop.  As soon as they walked in, they were in for a surprise.  They were staring at a mint condition catapult.  They fell silent in awe of the majestic war machine.  
"Dude, we are so getting that."
"Yea man."
They looked around for an employee to ask for the price of the catapult, and they found one in a maroon shirt, the standard uniform of the store.
"How much for the 'pult?" they asked.
"$400," the employee replied.
The two friends looked at each other and without hesitating said, "We'll take it!"
As they were checking out, Jared had one last question, "Who is 'He of no name'?"
The employee looked at him funny, "I don't know."

Monday, March 4, 2013

Six Rules in Six Minutes (3.4.13), by Dael Norwitz

1) a volcano must be involved
2) nobody can die
3) one character speaks in rhyming dialogue
4) include 3 one-clause sentences
5) include 1 allusion
6) use the word curly

Curly Joe walked up the side of the mountain. Moe and Larry accompanied their friend. They were on an expedition looking for cool rocks. Why, you ask? Because they wanted to, that’s why. Curly called to his friends, “See any nice rocks yet? I’ve seen the most, I’ll bet.”
            Moe and Larry took the nice rock they had found and threw it at Curly.
            “Ow,” he said. “I’m going on by myself now.”
            “Good riddance,” Moe replied.
            “Get outta here, you rhyming jerk,” Larry added.
            Curly climbed higher. The ground started shaking like the Millennium Falcon when it was hit by Tie-Fighters. He really needed to stop comparing the real world to Star Wars. The real world could never win, he thought to himself. Moe and Larry had caught up to him by this point.
            “What was that?” Larry asked.
            “I don’t know, Joe,” Curly replied.
            “You’re Joe, you jerk! The mountain is a volcano.”
            Lava poured down toward them, but due to restrictions this story is obliged to follow, they were magically saved. Maybe by the Millennium Falcon. Whatever.

Six Rules in Six Minutes (3.4.13), by Sophie Solomon

1) a volcano must be involved
2) nobody can die
3) one character speaks in rhyming dialogue
4) include 3 one-clause sentences
5) include 1 allusion
6) use the word curly

            The word dormant hung awkwardly between evoking a kind of dreamland’s surreal quality and the image of a doormat, one trodden plain, the least interesting and dangerous object in existence. Still, people his keys under their drab mats, didn’t they?
            “The mounds of volcanic ash act as a graveyard. After millions of years it erupts, the rock became a hard–”
            He let her words fall away with the tiny black pebbles her foot tipped down the incline every time she swiveled for emphasis. They made a kind of scratching sound as they fell. Behind them, black dust curled up just a centimeter or two into the air. Not that he was watching.
            The Volcano seemed to him a sort of reverse sisyphus, constantly trying to roll all these little black bits down the mountain, only for a refill to show up in a thousand or so years. Dormant comes from sleeping.
Sleeping things wake up. 

Six Rules in Six Minutes (3.4.13), by Ceci Mancuso

1) a volcano must be involved
2) nobody can die
3) one character speaks in rhyming dialogue
4) include 3 one-clause sentences
5) include 1 allusion
6) use the word curly

“Are you the lemon?” Pip asked with bated breath, hopping back and forth on the lip of the volcano as it spat lava at his heels. He had journeyed a lifetime for this.
            A beat passed.
            “I am not, child,” said the old man. He bowed. “Proceed to the internal chasm to receive your punishment.”
            But Pip quite liked the heat. “Could this be heaven?” he asked himself, skipping merrily over the hot coals.
            “Halt, fool!” cried the Humiliationer.
            Pip stopped.
            “Come closer, child.”
            Before he knew it, Pip found himself in a headlock while the Emperor of the Toxic Lust applied shaving cream to the thick, curly chest hair of which he was so proud.
            When he was done, Pip blubbered at his feet, pasty-chested.
            “I’m only seven...teen!”
            “Stop your blubbering. No death awaits one so young,” the Emperor spat. He turned. “Bring me the Sandpaper Pants of Shame!”